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Note: Artwork represented may not have been done by Unique Visions International but rather by some of our team members from previous jobs. Click Images to Learn More

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We have a robust team and experienced team that can provide a well-thought design perfect for your future audience.
Our Process

Blue Sky

Goal: The goal of the Blue-Sky stage is to create a vision with enough detail to explain, present, the client’s vision, and if necessary sell it to others based on a storyline provided by or developed along with the client.

Note: It is during this phase that all comments are welcome and encouraged so they may be explored, included, or rejected. Also, this will establish the way forward and help to produce the working budget amount allocated to the project.

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Concept Development

Goal: This is where the agreed design direction undergoes a period in which the idea is more fully fleshed out from the Blue-Sky phase and executed with enough additional detail to determine and define what needs to be designed and built.

Schematic Design

Goal: There is the phase where a clear definition of the general scope and concept
of the project is developed.


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Design Development

Goal: Upon completion and client approval of the previous phase, Design
Development will begin to produce highly detailed drawings, which are a
representation of what is going to be built. In the end, these deliverables can be
used as a basis of a tender contract. The level of information will be sufficient for
contractors to estimate a commercial cost and ensure that all foreseeable
construction constraints and considerations are addressed.

In the following stages of the project, our team can help you with vendor selection and oversight on the artistic execution of the design.

Vendor Search & Bid 

When Design Development documents are complete, the project is ready to "put
out for bid."

  1. The Design Team will be available during this phase to answer any questions of the vendors.

  2. They will also supply several material finish samples in which competing vendors must duplicate to the standard expected by the client.

Production & Installation 

Goals: To ensure the quality and adherence to the design concept during the production phase (in workshops and on-site) and available on-site to assist in verifying the proper installation of the design elements, lighting, prop, and décor placement, etc.

Post Construction

Goal: To provide the client with a punch list of items that have to be completed,
repaired, or replaced as well as overseeing the effort by the vendor to address
each issue. Act as a client representative for pre-approval prior to final approval
and acceptance by the client.

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